Computer Network Services in Grand Rapids

i3 services & support for managing your networks

As your business grows and technology changes, there’s a growing need to have different areas of your business communicate with each other.  Helping our clients achieve this is one of our core areas of expertise.  i3 offers onsite computer network services in Grand Rapids or other Michigan location, but many of our services can be provided remotely.

i3’s computer network team puts the People, Process and Technology together.  Trust i3 to simplify the layers of your computer network,  making it less complicated so you can focus on your business.

Computer Network Services in Grand Rapids

i3 provides System and Network Design, Management and Support Planning for key Internet and Intranet computer network services, in Grand Rapids or other Michigan locations.

i3 Business Solutions sells and supports computer networking products by Cisco and other top equipment providers based on your specific needs:

Computer Network Design & Architecture

  • Evaluation of different data services (leased lines, frame relay, internet)
  • Performance analysis
  • Security planning
  • Firewall recommendations
  • Virus prevention and control
  • Software licensing, maintenance and control
  • Evaluation of terminal services or Citrix Solutions for server-centric application control

Systems and Operations management

  • Computer Network server recommendations
  • Configuration  services
  • Sizing for performance
  • Capacity planning
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Remote and tape back up solution

Computer Network Services—Systems Management

  • Assistance with auditing business controls
  • Computer Network Design/access control
  • Security
  • Recovery planning & documentation
  • Upgrade planning
  • Operating system maintenance (PTFs, Service Packs)

LAN and WAN Services

  • Email
  • File & print servers
  • Report distribution
  • Task & calendar management
  • Mobile and wireless integration

Remote Computer Networking & Connectivity Management

  • Virtual private computer networks
  • Client access for PCs, laptops, wireless device and thin clients
  • Remote dial up or internet access
  • Planning for client software administration & maintenance

Security and Firewalls

  • Spam
  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Blended threats
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Proxies


  • Report distribution and management
  • Controlled access and activity monitoring/reporting
  • Enabling access to key applications via web browser

i3 Business Solutions offers onsite Computer Network Services in Grand Rapids,  Michigan.  Some services may be available through remote service. Call now for free consultation. (616) 719-4100 or (877) 721-6400.